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All About That Bass….

That song is currently stuck in my head…HELP!

It has been so long since I last did a blog post (opps sorry, I don’t think anyone reads this anyway)
So much has happened since I last posted. I have recently put a big focus into my dancing. I have constantly been thinking now for a while to give dance a go or to just really focus on university and finding a stable job. If you are a dancer, you would know that a career as a dancer is nearly impossible, a lot of rejection and auditions. Life as a dancer (professionally) normally ends at a young age.

I have ultimately decided to do both, focus on university and dance. I know that as a dancer it is near to impossible for me to make it but I shall take up every opportunity I have and just see where it goes. I will not be disappointed if nothing comes of it, but I would be more disappointed in myself for not giving it ago. I live in an area where dance is no more than a recreational hobby for individuals. There is no challenge, which has left me in a position for a few years now where I have become complacent.

As part of growing, learning and pushing myself I will be doing open classes in 2015! I am really looking forward to this. There is nothing like that where I live and is found more in the city (Sydney – a few hours away). I also dance in Sydney and it has really opened my eyes up. It has shown me what we are missing down here.  The culture of dance is very different and so is the environment.

I hope that these open classes make a change also to the dance community down here, become less about individual studios and more harmonious and supportive.!

I did a pre open class before I start the new year and it was amazing to see other students from other studios come together! Not only that i received the nicest feedback from a few of the girls.

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A word that ultimately seems to highlight all the imperfections about myself. A word that continues to haunt the way I live life. ‘No one is perfect’ seems to be a phrase that people use in order to comfort themselves. Although what is defined as perfect?… I personally believe it consists of our own personal ideas of what is ‘perfect’ is. It consists of desirable elements that we wish we had or wish we did not have, but the big question and struggle I face is why can I not see myself being perfect but only far from perfection.

If someone asked me what would I change about myself I would most probably say everything. I can not explain why, but only wish I could.

The main contribution is the fact I always compare myself to others, It always seems to be them rather than me. Trust me, I guess I would choose them rather than me. I am not skinny and I am not pretty as pretty as that other girl. Unfortunately it is the only thing I do not have control of. 

I really do not think you understand.

I sit here behind my keyboard typing my opinion/thoughts that some may not agree with. I do not expect everyone to agree but to understand where I come from. We constantly hear from our parents, lecturers and teachers of all the possible negative impacts of social media and the way individuals use it has a platform for cyber bullying.

Everyday I log onto Facebook (well really, I never log off) and i constantly see posts from people in a group called ‘Warilla/Lake South’. It was a Facebook group created to bring people together to reflect on how wonderful it is to live in such a wonderful place in the world. While some individuals take advantage of this opportunity to re-kindle friendships and rehash memories of the past a percentage of them do not.

I know what you are thinking – let me guess you are going to say some people are rude blah blah.

Well no, I am not here to attack people or to tell people that what they write is wrong in anyway as i do not believe it is my place. Although what i do ask is from people is not to personally attack other people for their own opinion.

While everyone believes their opinion is the best one/better than others no one can possibly make you change it, especially not with people abusing you and attacking you. It just makes a person more defensive and less likely to listen to you.