Well obviously you have no idea who i am, but maybe this might help.

My name is Sara.I completed my high schooling at Corpus Christi Catholic High School in 2012. This my first year of university and i’m studying a double degree.Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies as well as a Bachelor of Commerce. My #BCM110 lecturer is Teodor Mitew and my #BCM112 lecturer, Sue Turnbull. I’m currently 17 and am strongly passionate about giving back to the community as well as dancing. I’m currently am a dance teacher at All That Jazz Dance Co, and mainly teach hip hop. I volunteer on the weekends to provide respite for families who have children with autism. The rewarding experience is unexplainable. I’m very focused on studying and achieving goals. Right now i have plans, but as we all know they sometimes change. Currently i would like to end up in marketing, using my leadership skills to hopefully find a job as a marketing manager. Maybe working in the city (Sydney).

TRAVELING!!!!! I love travelling and i have been privileged enough to do so. So where have i travelled?

  • Spain
  • France
  • Malta x3
  • Scotland x3
  • Korea
  • Hungry
  • New Zealand
  • America
  • New Caledonia

Come say hello to me!
Can’t wait to chat to you all  

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