Six letter word, that can change your life.

It’s unexpected how a six letter word can change the lives of so many around you, family, friends and the whole country. How this six letter word is effected by millions of people each year. How this one word can cause so much grief, hurt, uncertainty and negative thoughts.  I’m sure that most of us are aware of someone who has been affected by cancer. Though cancer can’t cripple love, peace, faith, friendship and HOPE. HOPE, a four letter word who allows those being affected by cancer to fight their battle. It provides them with that spark in their eye with the belief that one day, the news of being cancer free shall exist, not just for them but to everyone around the world.

I have been privileged enough to be in support of the wonderful community event Relay For Life.  It provides hope, it shows the support of the community an understanding and a time to remember, the lives that have been lost to the battle of cancer. To celebrate those who have be successful enough to beat the fight and to Fight back cancer. The support is all there, the HOPE, the dream, the wish that one day we will find the ‘CURE TO CANCER’


Unfortunately cancer has already played a significant role within my life, this year.

This year, i relayed for a close family friend who passed away from leukaemia this year. After putting up a strong battle. David Hamilton a former mayor of our local area Shellharbour, was not only a role model who left a wonderful legacy but an individual who was personally close to my family. He was such a strong minded individual, who was always honest with you straight away. He knew how to have a good drink and laugh. The day before he passed away, was very hard. I went and saw him and knew it was time for him to go. He was so content with everything that it just seemed he knew his time was up.

2 thoughts on “Six letter word, that can change your life.

  1. My gran recently passed away from cancer and it was incredibly difficult for us to cope. My grandad also has cancer and I’m pretty sure he won’t survive the year. I’m not very close to him, but my dad will of course be devastated. What I find the hardest is how to deal with it – I don’t know how to cheer my mum up some days and I don’t know how to talk to my dad about it. Not mentioning it makes me seem like I don’t care and I’ve already forgotten about it – which I haven’t. 😦

    Anyways, great post and I’m very sorry for your loss. Good on you for doing the relay, I might do one in the next couple of years.

    • Hi Alice,
      I’m very sorry to hear about your loss, as well as your grandad having cancer. It’s sad to think that time is going to run out and yet we can’t control it. Though we can control the way time runs out, we need to make the most of what time we/others have together and make the best memories of what the future still holds for us. It’s going to be of course hard on your parents, the thought of them losing another person close to their heart hurts and it will. Just like i said though we need to not mourn yet for every day they live is another miracle and i’m sure your grandad won’t want your parents to start grieving yet. The only thing we can do is have HOPE, lots of it. It’s not right for anyone to deal with this on their own, so talk to somebody and i’m sure they will listen. There is a whole nation try to find the cure for cancer so that one day no one will have to go through this.
      Yes, The relay is a wonderful way to remember the lives that have been lost, celebrate those who have successfully fought cancer and fight back the horrible disease.


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