You said what?¿

CONVERGENCE? MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE? HUH!? Yes I know,my exact thoughts.  I had no idea how to even comprehend any of this, mind boggling thoughts. ( You know when you sit and act as if you are busy, just to make sure they don’t ask you any questions regarding the topic, yes that was me).  Yet throughout the lecture and tutorial we started to unveil the understanding of what it all means.

 Since the usage of technological devices, individuals have realised the advantages of them. For example. A camera, its functions allows individuals to capture a moment in time. Then the shift from analogue to digital, improving the accessibility of content for individuals. For example from news papers being delivered to the front door of your home, to now being able to access the news paper online, from anywhere, where there is internet.

Through new mediums we have been more open to letting people into our lives, facebook, youtube and blogs are a few networking sites which allow us to be constantly connected with each other. The global village has the power to bring the knowledge of the world to the tips of our fingers with the use of laptops, ipads , ipods phones etc has allowed us to constantly connect with each other.

Medium is the Message. When reading that statement, the interpretation of what it personally meant to me was simple “Any type of communicational device, which allow us to connect with one another”, Though when analysing this we understand the definitions of “medium” and “message” in ordinary terms. Although..

The understanding of “medium is the message” can be further explored looking into the convergence of different mediums. The convergence of  mediums allows a platform to be successfully convenient for individuals. Although how good/practical is it to converge multiple things into one? Does it even benefit the majority of society?. We live in a society with an aging population. The ability to even get used to general mediums like a camera alone, can yet seem to be a challenge for some. This can become a popular source for technologically advanced individuals and easily accessible, with our smart phones and not our Nokia’s. The ability to combine multiple mediums to create a more interactive platform is very appealing to some individuals. It’s modifying something to make it more convenient/useful.

Marshall McLuhan refers to the medium being any extension of ourselves”,  and the message is the change, scale, pace or patterns of behaviour”.The conceptual idea that anytime there is a change in behaviour there is a message. The thought process of this felt complicated.

An example of a convergence of multiple mediums forming a platform is the application “Snapchat” which is a interactive application allowing individuals to send photos to their contact list, with a timer on the image. Then once the timer is up the photo/video can no longer be accessed by the receiver. The convergence of camera, video, drawing and text.


McLuhan, Marshall. (1964) Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. New York: McGraw Hill.

2 thoughts on “You said what?¿

  1. Hi Sarah
    You have made a great start to your Learning Portfolio. I would ask you to consider the flow of the information in your blog entry, perhaps by changing around the order of your paragraphs, the argument or point might be a little stronger. Is Snapchat the platform you have chosen to follow?
    🙂 Wendy.

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