Within  today’s society the media plays such a crucial role with the way individuals communicate with each other and gain knowledge. As consumers we can rarely escape being involved with a ‘medium’  and therefore being exposed to the global village. The ‘media effects model’ is very inaccurate. Some things weren’t taken into consideration. David Gauntlett managed to state ten things wrong on the ‘effects model’ within his article.

Factors like location, age, gender, financial status, employment, housing and behaviour of family/peers aren’t taken into consideration. Bandura’s famous ‘bobo’ doll experiment is an example of this. They undermine the children’s awareness capabilities. If you put them in a similar environment to what they were just shown, they are capable enough to understand what is ‘expected’ from them.Another factor to take in consideration is, the video that they watched. The video is of a woman hitting the doll. Within society older people are supposed to be role models for younger children. They look up to them as authoritative figures and the children may see these ‘violent’ actions as being acceptable.

The causality of coming back to the media effect is just continuous. It’s because we are so immersed by what we see and hear, the manipulation that producers/directors use in order to capture the attention of the audience and connect with what is been shown. To feel the emotions they want you to feel. How many of you have watched a sad movie and cried, have you noticed the music in the background? The camera angles? The lighting?. All these little things we don’t take notice of actually make a difference.

The media is the only common factor between individuals within society, which allows them to target their reasons towards, rather than a specific individual.
The media only plays the role in our lives as much as we choose to let it. Our morals, values and other social factors have the ability to feel either connected or disconnected with what is been heard/shown.

2 thoughts on “It’s DANGEROUS

  1. “The media is the only common factor between individuals within society which allows them to target their reasons towards, rather than a specific individual” – this sentence pretty much sums up what I was trying to say on my entire blog post this week, but more concisely and better! People are always looking for something or someone to blame.

    And the other part of this post that I really liked was the Bobo doll paragraph. When I talked about the Bobo doll experiment I didn’t even stop to consider the fact that it was adults who had initially hit the doll. And obviously children have been taught to look up to older people and follow their examples, so they probably think that them following this action is okay (like you said). This is so true! If I saw my parents doing something like that as a child I sure what have done it as well. And yet, people still look to blame the media for everything… puzzling.

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