Stuck in a frame of courage


My first thoughts were ‘what is she thinking’. I thought all of these possible questions to why a mum would be willing to have her photo published on a international magazine for readers to consume.

Through the use of semiotics – the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation”. Understanding the components of the brain is detrimental in knowing/understanding what will appeal to an individual towards their product. It’s all about getting the attention of consumers. Through semiotics it allows consumers to create meaning towards the advertisement.

We can look into the denotations of the image; we can clearly see a three-year-old boy who is standing on a chair. A mother who is breast-feeding her son, with a title in big letters ‘Are you mom enough?’.

However, when we look into the connotations we look beyond the simple signifier. This image then can be seen as controversial. It can bring up many moral and ethical issues.The first issue could be the revealing image. The title ‘Are you mom enough’ can be offensive and be seen as questioning a parents ability. The heading is implying a mother’s ability to look after their children. (Without knowing what the article is about). The context of a 3-year-old still being breast-fed can be seen as a socially questionable thing. The following video shows a poll from an audience’s perspective as well as an insight to the reasoning of the story.

No matter where we look around us, signs and symbols are everywhere. We can never escape them. It allows us to make connections and create an understanding without a text. It is a universal language. For example, the toilet signs. A silhouette of a female, represents a female toilet and a silhouette of a male, represents a male toilet. Images allow us to be creative in order to capture our attention and allow us to gain knowledge without even knowing it. (for example, knowing the symbols of cars)

One thought on “Stuck in a frame of courage

  1. Great post! I agree the image is confronting, but when you look beyond the literal meaning to the connotative message it has a lot of cultural and social significance. Also, I think they used this image as the front cover of the magazine because it is eye catching and increases sales

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