Push, not pull. Can it only be one way?

Technological platforms are either free flowing or are locked appliances. The way industries are so different; it means they deal differently with convergence. The three main factors of convergence are industries, technologies and audience. The industry is either controlling or allowing free flow of their content. This is a choice made by the company and can also be both combined. What do I mean by that? How can it be both, doesn’t it have to be one or the other? No it doesn’t. We look at the example of Snapchat. It is controlled in the way the images or videos only last for a period of time,and then they are gone. This is controlling the content (putting a timer on it). It isn’t controlled in the way, individuals can send and receive any sort of image/video. Much controversial topics have risen from the usage of Snapchat amongst teenagers.

Two major technological items are Apple and Android. As we sat in tutorial this week the question of who owns an Android phone was asked. Surprisingly no one put their hand up for Android. According to the following graph, it shows that Androids operating system is more popular then the iOS system.

Did you know, that Android allows us to access their operating system. It’s where you can modify/change the system to consist of programming control. Where Apple have chosen a more locked content system.Unfortunately that means you are restricted to the companies system. Though the risk factor of your phone crashing is lower than Android. Does the risk outweigh the ability to have control over your own phone?

”There are advantages and disadvantages to both systems, and the competition between the two is going to shape the smartphone market for years to come.”

As time goes on items will change, the need for improvement on a product will constantly be occurring. It may be a constant battle between closed and open media platforms.

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