A major concern is who controls the media. The term ‘control’ does not just mean the owner but the content in which the business/company chooses to display. I was astonished to realise that Australia has a small media landscape. The concentration of media ownership is declining. Two major media owners in Australia are Fairfax and news Corp, have a lot of control over the content that society receives.


Media control has been around since WWII. This is exemplified through the use of propaganda. The propaganda that was used included, simple messages, simple slogans, manipulative writings (which included playing with the emotions of individuals). The usage of red was a way to engage the audience.

In Australia today the Australian Press Council, Self-regulation and Australian communications and Media Authority regulate the forms of media. What type of media do I use? Well I use major variety like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, not just online but magazines as well. These media outlets all present me with some type of content/information. With social networking it is self regulated until someone reports a comment/status or photo.
The power of the media allows manipulation through the variety of media networks. It can be a concern if only two major companies own control due to the fact we are only gaining two perspectives.

 We are individuals of a society who have enough access to numerous of recourses, which allow us to gain enough knowledge to make our own perspective. The question of ethical practices, right or wrong. The media is an on going process and will continue to change over time. The problem isn’t, why it matters who controls the media but it’s the individual or company who has the control. The power is in their hands. They can either choose to be ethical or not (example the phone hacking scandal in 2011).

 It’s up to us in society to be knowledgeable enough to make a judgment on what we see and hear.  

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