Call me lazy? I don’t think so…..

Right now, as you are reading this you can either choose to be a passive or active consumer. Leave me a comment and prove my title right or just be lazy and don’t comment at all. As consumers of my blog post, you are on the receiving end of my information and have the ability to use the content. This shows that it is a dialogic media. It allows the information to flow in both ends, so you right now have the ability to comment it or use it in another way. (Without copyrighting of course!).

Monologic media is limited in the way you receive the content, have little engagement with it but can’t do much with it. For example, Snapchat. Snapchat is a well-known platform within society today. Many young teenagers use this to send photos or videos. These items only last for a period of time, before they ‘disappear’. Therefore there isn’t much you can do with the content once it is gone, if it is used in the way Snapchat was intended. Snapchat allows you to take snapshots if you dare. By the ‘daring’ part I mean, the sender knows that you have taken a snapshot of their photo/video they have sent you and now have control over what they do with that. They have the ability to now be the sender.


Inappropriate content, how does that get through?. I mean it normally gets taken down anyway. What happened to the ‘gatekeepers’ of content who monitor the content uploaded to the Internet.

One word, change.
Change in society has allowed individuals to speak their mind. Audiences interaction with digital media platforms and content has now involved new types or users. This allows other individuals to access the content uploaded on a public space and expand their knowledge.

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