Be Kind To One Another….

The words spoken by a global talk show host within the public sphere.

Jurgen Habermas was the man behind the notion of a ‘public sphere’. The concept came from the idea of the 18th century coffee houses, where citizens would meet up and deliberate matters of the day and issues that concerned them. The ‘mediated public sphere’ denotes media as the initial form of communicating within the public sphere. Time has moved on a number of raised concerns have been made about the medias role within the public sphere.  Individuals have used the media as a platform to raise issues of society as well as using it to make a profit,  rather than focus on more ‘serious issues‘, like financial markets. The media has now produced shows, magazines, blogs, etc. looking into the subject matters of personal lives, relationships and uncovering moral issues. The idea of being surrounded by numerous of perspectives and topics, has allowed individuals to be more aware of issues surrounding society today.


Ellen Degenres is an international talk show host, who has her own show. Her talk show is not only fun and uplifting, but raises a lot of issues within society. One major one is her sexuality. When the show started, gays were not accepted within society.

JCP pulled the adds of her when she first came out as being a lesbian and now times have changed. She is currently the spokes person for JCP. There was even a death threat towards her.  The media became a form / way of attacking her, Jerry Falwell was an American Radio talk show host and a pastor who personally attacked Ellen because of this issue.


Although the media doesn’t just focus on issues like the financial markets, it now has become a platform for awareness, regarding personal issues, relationships and topics which have caused a stir within the public sphere . Especially when we have moved from a monologic to dialogic society.

5 thoughts on “Be Kind To One Another….

  1. Ellen is awsome. I love the way you have highlighted the fact that the media is becoming more open to peoples sexuality. It really shows that popular media is making a difference to peoples mindsets. Even though Ellen did recieve negative comments about her being the spokesperson I love that she stood her ground.

    • Hi, thank you for your comment. It’s so true the influence of the media plays an importnat role in society. It allows us to be open to more things ( besides the negative stuff it shows). The influence of the media is so important, but as well as that. We need to be mindful of what we see and make our own decisions.


  2. Hey, nice post. It is interesting how the gays are portrayed nowadays rather then back in our parents times. Still some pretentiousness but its becoming more accepted!

  3. I think that you have highlighted very well the shifts in people’s attitudes towards gay people and the media, and it is becoming such an accepted thing in society that it can only leave hope for further development (such as the legalization of gay marriage). I enjoyed reading this article and hearing about how she stood her ground, even in the face of such things like death threats.


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