Woohoo i am a journalist

We live in a participatory culture where all individuals of society have the ability to present consumers with new content. The implications of information being gathered through citizen journalism are done through multiple media outlets. Alex Bruns (2007) states that citizen journalism is broad, it can range from individually publishing news to collaboratively written and edited sites.

We may choose to upload video footage or images straight away to multiple platforms, with out the extract being edited or tampered. This then can become a piece of evidence capturing an exact moment in time.
For example the viral video which a student posted in 2011 was of a school kid Casey Hynes being bullied behind the fence of so what seems ‘to be a safe place’.As the video went viral over the Internet, people got involved. News papers/ news stations were interested in the case.

The entire citizen input has become a major worry to traditional sources, as collaborative knowledge is very powerful. It is to be believed that there are close to 19 million users of the platform Wikipedia. This can become a threat to other edited publications like the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

We aren’t just the audience anymore; we are the consumers and users of information. Gatekeepers now have little control over the content put online. Tim Dunlop (2012) states that before immediate access online to news, we were presented with television news manipulated by decisions of networks stating important and what wasn’t. They ultimately had the power of what knowledge we knew the end package was presented to us as definitive.

We have shifted from a one-to-many society to a many-to-many society. It seems that professional journalism seems to be diminishing, people like to see/read information from the direct source. It has allowed us to be active citizens within society, expressing our opinion, knowledge and content that we have.

One thought on “Woohoo i am a journalist

  1. Fantastic post Sara, a really nice example used here. It certainly was a symbol of hope against bullying and has become quite a pin up for anti-bullying. I think everyone can relate to bullying and hopefully citizen journalism can contribute to the revealing of bullying. Keep up the super posts!!

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