The past shapes me



I never really take the time to look back and understand how much content I have actually learnt. Over the course so far, my perceptions have changed and my knowledge has grown. This is clearly shown from only knowing the basics of blogging and having no clear idea of what the subject was about. To now feel confident enough to teach others and share with them the information I have learnt.


Not only have I learnt so much from my lecturers and tutors but also from my fellow students who I interact with during my tutorials. They provide me with perspectives that I would never think of and their blogs posts as well.


My personal journey started at the understanding of the media effects model and unveiling the influence/role that the media has in our lives. Looking at the interesting experience of Bandura. Moving to week two where I not only understood signs and semiotics but it felt like the beginning of where my vocabulary started to grow. You know the saying, you talk before you think well that’s what I was doing. I would see an image and make a judgment or comment about it without thinking. Though when we looked at the psychological way that we think with denotations and connotations it became so clear of the process that I go through. Week 3 was about media ownership within society. It was an interesting topic to explore.Week 4 must of been my favourite blog post, the understanding of the public sphere which we are all constantly consumed in. Discussing my favourite individual ‘ELLEN DEGENRES’!.


I’m definitely looking forward to the following weeks to come and what other knowledge I will learn. My understanding of the media has grown so significantly. Broadening my mind with fellow students’ blogs, creative and interesting. I’m satisfied with my blog posts so far and can’t wait to continue with them.

2 thoughts on “The past shapes me

  1. Week 4 was everyone’s favourite blog post I think because we got to discuss something about the media that we loved – I did Gossip Girl so it was definitely my favourite post as well!

    Also just a heads up – you said in week 3 we did copyright, but that was in BCM 112 I’m pretty sure? It was probably just a small mistake but just thought I would let you know 🙂

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