Once Upon a time in a transmedia world



Transmedia storytelling is a process in which a business chooses to franchise beyond its core form of one platform. Henry Jenkins states “A transmedia story represents the integration of entertainment experiences across a range of different media platforms.”  Jenkins displayed the conceptual idea that transmedia story telling is, one major way of franchising a business, in order to be more successful.  With the convergence of new technologies expanding, new ways of storytelling has emerged.

Transmedia storytelling has become a way of blockbuster productions to expand its consumers. The dynamic component allows alternative entry points to the story. This allows individuals to choose their preferable media platforms, or allows them to expand their horizon and look at other ways.
Transmedia storytelling expands the content into many diverse facets of media genres so that it can expand its market. It engages the audience across global and local media cultures, providing consumers with a immersive storyworld with alternative entry points to the story. This is shown through the access of one story across multiple mediums/platforms.

“engagement with each successive media heightens the audience’ understanding, enjoyment and affection for the story”

For example. In 1940, numerous of comic books were shared with consumers based on the fictional story of ‘Batman’. Later during the year, in 1943 a film was realised  based on the first 15 chapters complied into 240 minutes. This use of film has now become a on going component. With the latest film being realised in 2012, the use of a human cast playing the characters rather than a cartoon. It has changed and reformed to suit consumers across global and local media cultures.


Transmedia storytelling has also been franchised in a way individuals are enabled to be educated. EE (entertainment education) strategy can be implemented and evaluated across interactive media platforms, and the implications for incorporating transmedia storytelling elements into EE campaigns For example, ‘Dora the Explorer’ is an iconic cartoon television show for young children. Young children have access to multiple education games like, Dora the explora alphabet game.
Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 2.45.31 PM

Jenkins has ultimately hit the nail on the head.The entertainment experiences allow individuals each have a personal fulfilling experience across different media platforms.

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