Inspired and Motivated

Global Dance Convention is a workshop featuring LA’s most experienced and elite choreographers, going for two whole days. I got to experience it this weekend.

 This was a weekend to be inspired and motivated. To share the passion and love for dance with others. To be emerged in a dance culture  full of talent and experience. I really wanted to share this experience with my fellow bloggers! 



Saturday: What a day. Waking up early to be dancing at 8am and not finishing till 3.30pm on a weekend!. Taking multiple classes including hip hop  and Jazz.   During Jazz , Barry Youngblood a well known dance choreographer asked everyone to clap for me (quite shocked really). He said that i was putting in an amazing effort and connected with the choreography and music he gave me. He told everyone that i managed to stand out. Then with a laugh telling people to not then stare at me and being like ‘ohhh damnnn’ haha.I was lucky enough to be chosen by Barry Youngblood out of at least 200 dancers to perform his choreography piece for everyone else to see. I wasn’t sure what to think, merely shocked by the fact one of the most amazing choreographers chose me!. Me! yes ME! a 17 year old girl from a local town in NSW. 


Sunday: Somehow i managed to convince myself to get out of bed, sore and tired.A long day was ahead, Jazz, contemporary, theatre, jazz funk and hip hop. Somehow i was managed to be picked again. Not sure how, this time it was for hip hop. This hip hop piece was genius, creative and fun (Barry Youngblood). I enjoyed it a lot and managed to perform it again for others to watch. My friend told me that a girl ran up the stairs saying ‘ Oh my god, did you see that asian girl dancing she was friggen awesome’. 




Post Dancing (I will post videos soon) 

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