Remixing is having access to original content and using it to recreate something new. This can be done through different forms of manipulation, editing the content, rearranging it or combining it with something else. ‘Remixing has been around since 1961 when William Burroughs composed manuscripts using the cut-up and fold in techniques’. ‘Remix isn’t something new. All that’s new is the technique and the ease with which the product of that technique can be shared.’

The meaning of the text and its attributes then becomes re-shaped through the changes. Though for a meaning to change it does not have to be remixed it can also be done by Détournment, which allows a change of direction to the content.

For example, the cover of a song from its original form.


The culture shift of read only to a read and write culture has grown ever since the audience wanted to be part of the movement. The consumers became part of a participatory culture, going from passive to active consumers. Allowing them to now be prosumers.The culture grew as individuals were ‘creating and re-creating the culture around them’.

For example, Snapchat. We can take a photo of an individual, but we can edit this image to re-create another meaning. This allows us to be active consumers taking part in the read and write culture.



The role of produsage and file sharing has become a major topic of controversy. The role of copyright being of main concern. It is illegal to use someone else’s music, unless a license is granted to you. ‘Though remix still remains uncertain under the Copyright Act, with there being little judicial authority on the issue‘.

The remix culture depends a lot of the laws of copyright, if laws change and become strict the shift may change back to a read only culture. Although the read and write culture has become a powerful culture, one where individuals are allowed expression and creativity.


3 thoughts on “R-Re-Rem-Remi-Remix

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  2. Really enjoyed reading this! Spelling error but “The culture shit of read only to a read and write culture has grown ever since the audience wanted to be part of the movement.”.. shift? haha.

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