Our time is now

The expectations of when we left high school were to be active and informed citizens of society. The youth culture of society today seem to be disconnected with engaging in traditional politics. By traditional politics I mean factors that don’t effect the youth generation or the future, as well as not being constantly vocal about what they stand for. In tutorial this week, only one individual out of the class were actively participating within a political party by engaging in meetings frequently. With majority of the individuals in the class admitting to vote along side their parents decision. A lot of the youth seem to actively participate around issues that are focused around their generation, the quality of life and equality. This is clearly represented in the culture movement at wall street. 


Jenkins (2012) states that through the digital age it has provided individuals with a different way to effectively broaden political participation. The youth are major users of social media and digital technologies, which allow the youth to successfully participate in political discussion through online mobilization. Online mobilization becomes a way to easily communicate with other individuals who have the same political ideas or concerns with you to facilitate a participatory process.  

 Online can be a space for effective global activism which is more about self expression and can ultimately lead to collective expression. As the technological savvy generation the clicktivisim sensation started, with online collaboration to use social media as a form to fight a cause. 


In 2012 a major campaign spread across the web, KONY 2012. Individuals were sharing, tagging, liking, writing status’ and linking others to this online web video. It quickly became viral and within a matter of hours of it being uploaded it became the hot topic of discussion.

It is the process of an individual rather than collective identities which leads to certain kinds of engagement in politics and certain participatory practices. 



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