How many of you have felt personally victimized by online users?

The internet is an excellent domain, where it allows us to participate in an online culture of discussion. Our experiences online are sometimes discouraged by cyber-bullying, racism, homophobia and gender-based trolling. What individuals post online is ideally an opinion of their thoughts, which is perfectly encouraged. It allows a continuation of discussion on a topic through responses.Though the right to have a voice and opinion is sometimes misused by users.

Cyber bullying (can take many forms) is a concept taken seriously in todays society, as it is acknowledge by the Australian Federal Police as a crime.
Through statistics we can see how occurring it is within the online culture and the lasting effects it can leave on individuals. I personally do not understand how an individual has the capability or the conscience to make another individual feel so belittled. Well I guess anonymity allows individuals to put forward their dark side.

Anonymity online is an issue of debate. I take a strong stance on the idea that if you have something to contribute to, why not share who you are. As Evans (2011) states
‘We all need to take responsibility for our own behaviour online’
. Being anonymous makes us meaner as we can we state whatever we want before thinking about it and without the fear of repercussions. (Sarah Downey, 2011).
The effects can be more than just rude comments, it has lead to serious cases of unfortunate suicide, Alexis Pilkington.

Though over the years women have become more outspoken about their concern with the commenting/interaction online on social spaces. It has become vicious and threatening place. Vanessa Thorpe and Richard Rogers, wrote an article on the hateful trolling online by misogynist men towards women bloggers, with numerous of women bloggers being outspoken about their awful experiences online.

It is lucky that we do have powerful women, who stand up towards misogynists, online bullying and other online activities which become abusive and threatening who put them in there place. As we are entitled to a better standard than what is given to us right now.


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