The journey has not ended

Each student in BCM112 has experienced a unique journey from this subject. Mine starts off with little knowledge of convergent media practices which has now turned to a massive participatory culture (new concept I learnt) , where not only am I learning things from my lecturer but also my tutor and fellow students. The content has not only informed me about media practices but has now played a role in the shaping of my understanding and view. The constant process of tweeting and blogging each week is something that has allowed me to share my own perspective with others around the WORLD. These platforms (another concept) has given me an outlet of discussion.



  Blog post “our time is now”, was one that I just loved putting together. Politics is something that plays a role in my life, as an active citizen of a political party. I am apart of that youth culture where so called ‘slacktivism’ exists. The content really opened my mind up to the ways in which the youth show there activism and how powerful we really are through the digital age. We may not participate in items that we have no interest in, but when we find something that we are strongly passionate about, the power of concepts like clicktivism is our contribution to global activism. (look at KONY 2012)


The next blog post which I enjoyed, was the most recent one “how many of you have felt personally victimized by online users?”. This resonated with everything about the digital age we live in. It allowed me to examine the dark side effects of an online participatory culture. Three main issues that resonated with me were cyber-bulling, racism and gender-based trolling. The harsh reality of what an online society we live in.


The third blog post would have to be “R-Re-Rem-Remi-Remix”.  This post completely opened up my understanding of the remix culture. As active consumers we have the ability to now access original content and recreate it to share our own unique message.  It may not mean cutting different songs and putting them together, it could simply be a cover (Détournment). This post really opened up my eyes to understanding the foundations of the remix culture to where it currently is now.

Though my journey of blog writing has not stopped here, I hope to continue with this journey. The content is only one of many things I have learnt during my time in BCM112. This course has given me the opportunity to enhance my writing and critically analyse what I have learnt. I am thankful for everything that i have learnt and to share this experience with so many people.

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