It is made in China

We live in the ‘Global Village’ (Marshall Mcluhan,1968) where technology now has become an extension of ourselves and part of our identity.
The impact of globalisation has both advantaged some countries as well as disadvantaged other countries.  With multiple influences like technological development, economic, political and military interests it has allowed individuals all over the world to interact, connect and instantaneously receive or send information. (O’Shanughnessy and Stadler, 485).

Approximately 58 million tweets sent out per day, and 2 million friend requests are sent every 20 minutes on Facebook.This explicitly conveys how individuals in society today stay connected with each other. The online community instantaneously brings together individuals with common interests from around the globe.

The quote ‘Think globally and act locally’ portrays the idea that what we may not have the power to make a global affect but if we act locally, it enables change to occur at a local scale. As time has progressed the influence of technology has allowed us to ‘Think global and act global’ making an impact on a global scale (Manuel Castells, 2001). An example of this is the youtube video, Kony 2012. With the ability to share, link and send this with others within less less than five days the video had accrued over 50 million views.  by millions of people around the globe with a click of a button.
Marshall Mcluhan’s Utopian view on globalisation, advocates that people of the world can be brought closer together through means of technological devices. This has successfully been an agent of empowerment, education, democracy and equality.

Though with all these profligate changes it has taken a toll on both economic factors and the cultural aspects of society in different countries all over the world. It has become known that the gap between the rich and poor is getting bigger. The United Nations Human Development Report (2005), showed that the fifty richest people in the world would have a combined income greater than the poorest 416 million people.
Some major multi-national companies were using overseas sweatshops abusing the human rights of those overseas. For example Nike, were caught being unethical using sweatshops and it took a toll on the company. They were being egotistic, in the way that profits were more important than the lives of other human beings. Through the exploitation of Nike and the wrong doings, they have had to altered the conditions of their workers.

Australia has been a country heavily influenced by American culture and part of the western culture. As continually growing cultures they have a major influence over other cultures. If countries do not allow cultures to thrive the impact of homogenization will make the world uniform and un unique. It will affect the economy, as a lot of travellers like to go overseas to experience another culture. Though if we become uniformed, there will be no need for individuals to travel overseas. Traditional cultures should be shared and embraced amongst other cultures.

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