It is all about the message.

The thing about hip-hop today is it’s smart, it’s insightful. The way they can communicate a complex message in a very short space is remarkable. Barack Obama  The Hip Hop culture began in the Bronx, during the 1970s, with the arrival of four crucial elements graffiti, breaking, MCing and DJing. All in which have evolved to include different types of genres and characteristics. . The beginning of the hip hop scene started by a number of Puerto-Ricans. During the era of the 70s Hip Hop became a way out of street violence and gang culture for young teenagers in the Bronx, using dance battles as a way to confront each other without violence. Hip Hop in the streets of the Bronx  became a level playing field where it was not based on how strong or aggressive you were. It focused on the talent that you brought to the streets and not based on where you were from and your upbringing. It allowed individuals to express themselves in a more meaningful way; becoming a lifestyle.

It gave individuals something to strive towards, to be the best ‘battler’ in the streets. The hip hop culture has become very popularized through the flow of Hip Hop globally. During the 1980s the export of the Hip Hop culture was expressed through a number of movies. ‘Beat Street’ was release in 1984 and was about an aspiring DJ from the Bronx and his beast friend trying to get into the show business by exposing people to the hip hop music and culture. The concepts of Hip Hop culture is constantly being re-created through technology enabling the spread. It allows individuals to create a connection to their place and people, through ‘representing’ who you are and the society you are apart of.

For example the ‘step up’ series, they all have something in common, not only the hip hop dance but the fact they all go through hardship and use dance as a way to express what they have to say. In Step up 1: Tyler, living in a low socioeconomic background where gang violence, alcohol and violence was their lifestyle, until Tyler realised there was an opportunity for him to dance. Step up 2: It was about not coming from the best background, where the main female character was doing poorly at school. Through dancing it allowed her to grow as a person and realise that there is more opportunities in the world and people are willing to help you. Step up 3: Different people coming together in which they all have something in common, dance It was an outlet of anger and a place where they felt it can create change, bring people together, believe you were something more and set a whole generation free. Step up 4: Dancing became a way to represent their neighbourhood a way of sending a message without speaking.

All of these have in common multiple things. 1. Hip Hop dancing 2. Expression 3.Bringing people together 4. Glocalisaiton 5.Hybridity. Although hip hop has evolved, it will always remember its roots. For Example.

Hampton has created his own style called ‘exorcist style’ .The style has adaptations of other dance moves.  With a foundation of ‘Locking’ style, which involves the freezing of fast movement. 



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