The central hub


Within society film and television shows were once only identified with one country. Filmed in one country and showed only in the origin of that country. Through technological advancements like satellite tv, it has allowed people from around the world to access overseas content. Content is constantly being consumed and created for individuals to watch, now countries have the ability to make content their own and adapt it to their country. For example
The famous show ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ originated in the UK and now the idea has been adapted to best suit other countries.

Some of the countries that have aired this show is, India, Australia, Germany, Russia, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.


According to Doreen Massey (1992) he says “Media capitals, then, are sites of mediation, locations where complex forces and flows interact.” Robins (1991) defines media Capitals as ‘Media capitals, then, are sites of mediation, locations where complex forces and flows interact’.   


There are five elements in understanding the Emergence of ‘New’ Media Capitals.   The ‘scapes’.  Technoscapes: It suggests the that through the emergence of satellite and cable TV it has allowed the distribution of television shows and films to be easily spread amongst countries. The international distribution has lead to growth within the media industry.
Financescapes: The major cities are media capitals, not only do they provide cultural the cultural central for some countries it also provides economic powerhouses.
Ethnoscapes: This concept provides an understanding of culture traveling through different countries and the spread of culture. Through immigration or tourists individuals are constantly crossing boarders not only immersing themselves in other peoples cultures but also spreading their owns. There allows a connection for individuals living in transitional populous to create a connection to their home through media.
Ideoscapes/Mediascapes:  Media capitals are a core in understanding cultures and the share of culture across boarders .  It allows individuals to extend their own values and perceptions from what they see. Creating less parochial individuals within society and provides individuals with an understanding of the values and ideology of a media capital through what they are exposed to from tv shows and films.

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