Just keep swimming

Climate change is a global issue which has become a topic of major debate between individuals. The concern of earth being effected by either human nature or by humans who are ‘destroying the earth’. Through organisations like Earth Hour, it requires individuals to think about the effect that their actions may have on the earth and requires us to think global and act local.

The media contributes as a major influence on experiences of climate change, individuals need to understand the balance of both sides before having the capacity to make a decision.  The power of the media may blind side individuals presenting a ‘false balance’. (Ward 2009)  False balance is the report of trying to give equal time and information to the different perceived sides of an issue although there may be distortion.
In Australia, we are rarely exposed to the stories involving small countries. Those untold stories are helped to recognise the voices of the voiceless through justice advocacy group, Pacific Calling Partnership. This social justice group.

‘work towards building a positive, communitarian and sustainable response based on Human Rights to the increased water, food, fuel and land stresses that are predicted under present circumstances and future climate change scenarios’
Kiribati is a small country who have been effected by climate change, sea waters have lead to their country slowly going under water. While this small country is being effected by a global issue that individuals are aware of, it is concerning that the coverage of these smaller countries have not been overly exposed by the media to other countries.

It is important that journalists, expose the concerning effects of climate change, telling the story instead of criticizing the debate of what or who has created this rise in global warming. Individuals should be ‘thinking globally and acting locally’.

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