Follow the yellow brick road

The end of the road has nearly come, it is time to reflect on the teachings of BCM111. Through the numerous of weeks I have become more mindful of transnational media, looking at a number of topics which explore a number of topics like globalisation, education, hybridization,

communicating, influence of other countries, impact of Australia, hip hop culture, film industry, cultural translation and global topics like climate change.

I have learnt new terms within this subject like hybridization, false balance, glocalisation, ethnocapes, cosmopolitan, ideoscapes, financescapes, technoscapes and mediascapes. Applying these concepts to a number of examples which currently effect our society or which I can relate to.

Along this journey blog posting has become a weekly occurring thing, which has allowed me to reflect on what I have learnt and put forward my own perspective which has become a critical component of my learning.

I realise how important it is to be aware of international media and communication and this subject has definitely allowed me to open up to being cosmopolitan person.  The weekly topic that I really enjoyed was ‘hip hop’, the hip hop culture is definitely something that has been part of my life and I can relate to. The dancing side of hip hop and looking at the core foundations of where it started, in the Bronx to what it has now evolved to is astonishing and interesting. The interpretation of what is now known as ‘hip hop’ has changed with a number of subtypes.

This subject has definitely allowed me to be a cosmopolitan person. Making me more aware of the world around me and the content that I choose to consume, making sure I am getting an equal balance of information.


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