So You Think You Can Dance Top 20

Tonight was the start of the top 20 performances for SYTYCD Australia. After being given the opportunity to participate with the top 100 and meeting the dancers in a television commercial for the top 100 it was great to see them on stage. It was also great to see Australian choreographers on the show as well as a family friend Tiana Canterbury

There were so many amazing performances though my top pick of the night is……

1.  Song: Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

Choreography:Chris Scott

This piece was definitely number one of the night. It was an emotional and touching piece about struggles of young girls/women being pressured by society/the media to act or look a certain way. It was a strong piece beautifully expressed by the top 10 women and easily connected with the audience as it is an on going issue within society that so many young girls face. It explicitly showed women sticking together and an understanding of what some young teenagers may face. The choreography was very well put together especially with dancers specialising in different genres.





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