So You Think You Can Dance Top 20

It is that time of week again where the top 20 dancers of So You Think You Can Dance Australia perform partner pieces choreographed by both international and national choreographers. Tonight dancers were all partnered up with someone from the opposite sex. They were then given a genre of dance to perform. My top picks from the night are:

1.  Dancers: Zoey and Sam
Choreography: Paul Malek
Song: Audra Mae’s ‘forever Young’
Genre: Lyrical

This was an extraordinary piece about a women who loses her daughter and her son who is still alive. ‘Sam’ who danced as the the son had to convey both strength for his mother and grief. ‘Zoey’ was perfection, her emotion and the performance was flawless. Zoey conveyed the loss of a daughter very well. They both danced a very strong routine with an incredible story that moved the audience to tears.

2.Dancers: Patric and Lauren
Choreographer: Chris Scott
Song:Tracy Chapman’s classic ‘Fast Car’
Genre: Hip Hop
This routine had a lot of meaning to the choreographer himself. This meant a lot to him as it was about leaving his father. The background of this piece was that Chris does not come from a wealthy background and that it was a struggle to live the life they had. Chris felt guilty for leaving his father and this routine to him was ‘a love letter’. This piece was perfectly executed and the story was well told. The technique was so beautiful and moments like these just draw you into their world.

3. Dancers: BBoy Blond and Eden
Choreography: Stephen Tannosq
Song:  Lorde’s haunting cover of ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
This was definitely a wonderful piece. The attention to detail of every move with props was amazing. They both gave the dance everything thing they had with wonderful technical aspects to their moves. BBoy Blond was far away from his genre (urban) but managed to do a wonderful job with his partner Eden. It was a very sharp and strong piece of choreography. Very powerful!!!!! Love it!

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