The poison of society

This is the strongest poison that does not sting for a minute nor can it be healed over a short period of time.. It is the sweet poison of a person.

We are all unique individuals that offer different qualities to society but sometimes we question who we are as an individual by those who poison our thoughts.

I am fourtunate to live in a country (Australia) known as a multicultural country.. I was brought up on values of equality and equity my whole childhood and along the way did face struggles. In recent events of a video going viral (link below)

It has really gotten me thinking about why people find it necessary to act this way.. Please someone enlighten me!!!! While this video has gone viral it is amazing to read all the comments on social media against the actions of this woman.. It has been brought to the attention of so many individuals and it also shows a sense of community and change within society.. While I do not need people to fight my battles it is good knowing that majority of society will be there to support me.

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