A word that ultimately seems to highlight all the imperfections about myself. A word that continues to haunt the way I live life. ‘No one is perfect’ seems to be a phrase that people use in order to comfort themselves. Although what is defined as perfect?… I personally believe it consists of our own personal ideas of what is ‘perfect’ is. It consists of desirable elements that we wish we had or wish we did not have, but the big question and struggle I face is why can I not see myself being perfect but only far from perfection.

If someone asked me what would I change about myself I would most probably say everything. I can not explain why, but only wish I could.

The main contribution is the fact I always compare myself to others, It always seems to be them rather than me. Trust me, I guess I would choose them rather than me. I am not skinny and I am not pretty as pretty as that other girl. Unfortunately it is the only thing I do not have control of. 


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