The past shapes me



I never really take the time to look back and understand how much content I have actually learnt. Over the course so far, my perceptions have changed and my knowledge has grown. This is clearly shown from only knowing the basics of blogging and having no clear idea of what the subject was about. To now feel confident enough to teach others and share with them the information I have learnt.


Not only have I learnt so much from my lecturers and tutors but also from my fellow students who I interact with during my tutorials. They provide me with perspectives that I would never think of and their blogs posts as well.


My personal journey started at the understanding of the media effects model and unveiling the influence/role that the media has in our lives. Looking at the interesting experience of Bandura. Moving to week two where I not only understood signs and semiotics but it felt like the beginning of where my vocabulary started to grow. You know the saying, you talk before you think well that’s what I was doing. I would see an image and make a judgment or comment about it without thinking. Though when we looked at the psychological way that we think with denotations and connotations it became so clear of the process that I go through. Week 3 was about media ownership within society. It was an interesting topic to explore.Week 4 must of been my favourite blog post, the understanding of the public sphere which we are all constantly consumed in. Discussing my favourite individual ‘ELLEN DEGENRES’!.


I’m definitely looking forward to the following weeks to come and what other knowledge I will learn. My understanding of the media has grown so significantly. Broadening my mind with fellow students’ blogs, creative and interesting. I’m satisfied with my blog posts so far and can’t wait to continue with them.


Be Kind To One Another….

The words spoken by a global talk show host within the public sphere.

Jurgen Habermas was the man behind the notion of a ‘public sphere’. The concept came from the idea of the 18th century coffee houses, where citizens would meet up and deliberate matters of the day and issues that concerned them. The ‘mediated public sphere’ denotes media as the initial form of communicating within the public sphere. Time has moved on a number of raised concerns have been made about the medias role within the public sphere.  Individuals have used the media as a platform to raise issues of society as well as using it to make a profit,  rather than focus on more ‘serious issues‘, like financial markets. The media has now produced shows, magazines, blogs, etc. looking into the subject matters of personal lives, relationships and uncovering moral issues. The idea of being surrounded by numerous of perspectives and topics, has allowed individuals to be more aware of issues surrounding society today.


Ellen Degenres is an international talk show host, who has her own show. Her talk show is not only fun and uplifting, but raises a lot of issues within society. One major one is her sexuality. When the show started, gays were not accepted within society.

JCP pulled the adds of her when she first came out as being a lesbian and now times have changed. She is currently the spokes person for JCP. There was even a death threat towards her.  The media became a form / way of attacking her, Jerry Falwell was an American Radio talk show host and a pastor who personally attacked Ellen because of this issue.


Although the media doesn’t just focus on issues like the financial markets, it now has become a platform for awareness, regarding personal issues, relationships and topics which have caused a stir within the public sphere . Especially when we have moved from a monologic to dialogic society.



A major concern is who controls the media. The term ‘control’ does not just mean the owner but the content in which the business/company chooses to display. I was astonished to realise that Australia has a small media landscape. The concentration of media ownership is declining. Two major media owners in Australia are Fairfax and news Corp, have a lot of control over the content that society receives.


Media control has been around since WWII. This is exemplified through the use of propaganda. The propaganda that was used included, simple messages, simple slogans, manipulative writings (which included playing with the emotions of individuals). The usage of red was a way to engage the audience.

In Australia today the Australian Press Council, Self-regulation and Australian communications and Media Authority regulate the forms of media. What type of media do I use? Well I use major variety like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, not just online but magazines as well. These media outlets all present me with some type of content/information. With social networking it is self regulated until someone reports a comment/status or photo.
The power of the media allows manipulation through the variety of media networks. It can be a concern if only two major companies own control due to the fact we are only gaining two perspectives.

 We are individuals of a society who have enough access to numerous of recourses, which allow us to gain enough knowledge to make our own perspective. The question of ethical practices, right or wrong. The media is an on going process and will continue to change over time. The problem isn’t, why it matters who controls the media but it’s the individual or company who has the control. The power is in their hands. They can either choose to be ethical or not (example the phone hacking scandal in 2011).

 It’s up to us in society to be knowledgeable enough to make a judgment on what we see and hear.  

Stuck in a frame of courage


My first thoughts were ‘what is she thinking’. I thought all of these possible questions to why a mum would be willing to have her photo published on a international magazine for readers to consume.

Through the use of semiotics – the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation”. Understanding the components of the brain is detrimental in knowing/understanding what will appeal to an individual towards their product. It’s all about getting the attention of consumers. Through semiotics it allows consumers to create meaning towards the advertisement.

We can look into the denotations of the image; we can clearly see a three-year-old boy who is standing on a chair. A mother who is breast-feeding her son, with a title in big letters ‘Are you mom enough?’.

However, when we look into the connotations we look beyond the simple signifier. This image then can be seen as controversial. It can bring up many moral and ethical issues.The first issue could be the revealing image. The title ‘Are you mom enough’ can be offensive and be seen as questioning a parents ability. The heading is implying a mother’s ability to look after their children. (Without knowing what the article is about). The context of a 3-year-old still being breast-fed can be seen as a socially questionable thing. The following video shows a poll from an audience’s perspective as well as an insight to the reasoning of the story.

No matter where we look around us, signs and symbols are everywhere. We can never escape them. It allows us to make connections and create an understanding without a text. It is a universal language. For example, the toilet signs. A silhouette of a female, represents a female toilet and a silhouette of a male, represents a male toilet. Images allow us to be creative in order to capture our attention and allow us to gain knowledge without even knowing it. (for example, knowing the symbols of cars)


Within  today’s society the media plays such a crucial role with the way individuals communicate with each other and gain knowledge. As consumers we can rarely escape being involved with a ‘medium’  and therefore being exposed to the global village. The ‘media effects model’ is very inaccurate. Some things weren’t taken into consideration. David Gauntlett managed to state ten things wrong on the ‘effects model’ within his article.

Factors like location, age, gender, financial status, employment, housing and behaviour of family/peers aren’t taken into consideration. Bandura’s famous ‘bobo’ doll experiment is an example of this. They undermine the children’s awareness capabilities. If you put them in a similar environment to what they were just shown, they are capable enough to understand what is ‘expected’ from them.Another factor to take in consideration is, the video that they watched. The video is of a woman hitting the doll. Within society older people are supposed to be role models for younger children. They look up to them as authoritative figures and the children may see these ‘violent’ actions as being acceptable.

The causality of coming back to the media effect is just continuous. It’s because we are so immersed by what we see and hear, the manipulation that producers/directors use in order to capture the attention of the audience and connect with what is been shown. To feel the emotions they want you to feel. How many of you have watched a sad movie and cried, have you noticed the music in the background? The camera angles? The lighting?. All these little things we don’t take notice of actually make a difference.

The media is the only common factor between individuals within society, which allows them to target their reasons towards, rather than a specific individual.
The media only plays the role in our lives as much as we choose to let it. Our morals, values and other social factors have the ability to feel either connected or disconnected with what is been heard/shown.


Well obviously you have no idea who i am, but maybe this might help.

My name is Sara.I completed my high schooling at Corpus Christi Catholic High School in 2012. This my first year of university and i’m studying a double degree.Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies as well as a Bachelor of Commerce. My #BCM110 lecturer is Teodor Mitew and my #BCM112 lecturer, Sue Turnbull. I’m currently 17 and am strongly passionate about giving back to the community as well as dancing. I’m currently am a dance teacher at All That Jazz Dance Co, and mainly teach hip hop. I volunteer on the weekends to provide respite for families who have children with autism. The rewarding experience is unexplainable. I’m very focused on studying and achieving goals. Right now i have plans, but as we all know they sometimes change. Currently i would like to end up in marketing, using my leadership skills to hopefully find a job as a marketing manager. Maybe working in the city (Sydney).

TRAVELING!!!!! I love travelling and i have been privileged enough to do so. So where have i travelled?

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