The shock of dance culture

If you live in Australia and are currently immersed in the dance culture, I am sure you have heard about RG Dance Principal/Co-Owner Grant Davies. Grant and his sister (Rebecca) have successfully created a dance business. It has become internationally known, with many students performing in major productions.

On Friday the 17th of May, Grant Davies was arrested at North Strathfield bowling alley. 

‘accused of taking naked photographs of children, some as young as six, attending classes at the Chiswick studio between 2004 and 2013. He is also accused of grooming two female students, both under the age of 16, in an attempt to procure them for sex’ reported SMH 2013

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 It first all became apparent when his wife became suspicious of Grants actions, locking all his technological devices so that no one would have access to them.  He was refused bail.


This has not only left a long lasting effect on the studio itself and its reputation, but the whole dance culture has been effected. If we all managed to put high regards and trust in this person to create wonderful dancers, how can we trust anyone else in the dance society?!

Harsher rules and regulations need to put into place about owning your own studio as well as teachers.

Saturday 18th of May on the Facebook page of RG, which has now been deleted. Rebecca Davies wrote this

‘As of, Tuesday the 9th of April, I, Rebecca Davies severed all personal and professional contact with Grant Davies.

Since that time he has not had any involvement with RGDANCE or been to the studio in Chiswick.

This came about as a result of my reporting him to the police.

I have been cooperating fully with the police and at their request have been unable to discuss the matter.

A formal statement will be issued shortly after advice from my legal team.

Rebecca Davies’.

Though unfortunately I believe she is trying to save herself and what is left of the business. I say this because there were numerous of comments left on this post.


I also believe Peter Oxford who is well known in the entertainment industry aimed his most recent status about the issue.


This was not the first time issues like this have been reported to her. It has only been now. It is believed that Rebecca was not the one reporting him to the police. Other sources say

‘Wife Lisa Ricketts went to police after allegedly finding inappropriate emails her husband had sent to a student’.

She might of after, went to the police as it was now too late to defend him and i believe she had a choice to make. Does she stick by her brother who evidently done something wrong, by her and the students/dance community or does she try to save herself?. Though as you can see she did not do anything at first when it was reported to her.

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Call me lazy? I don’t think so…..

Right now, as you are reading this you can either choose to be a passive or active consumer. Leave me a comment and prove my title right or just be lazy and don’t comment at all. As consumers of my blog post, you are on the receiving end of my information and have the ability to use the content. This shows that it is a dialogic media. It allows the information to flow in both ends, so you right now have the ability to comment it or use it in another way. (Without copyrighting of course!).

Monologic media is limited in the way you receive the content, have little engagement with it but can’t do much with it. For example, Snapchat. Snapchat is a well-known platform within society today. Many young teenagers use this to send photos or videos. These items only last for a period of time, before they ‘disappear’. Therefore there isn’t much you can do with the content once it is gone, if it is used in the way Snapchat was intended. Snapchat allows you to take snapshots if you dare. By the ‘daring’ part I mean, the sender knows that you have taken a snapshot of their photo/video they have sent you and now have control over what they do with that. They have the ability to now be the sender.


Inappropriate content, how does that get through?. I mean it normally gets taken down anyway. What happened to the ‘gatekeepers’ of content who monitor the content uploaded to the Internet.

One word, change.
Change in society has allowed individuals to speak their mind. Audiences interaction with digital media platforms and content has now involved new types or users. This allows other individuals to access the content uploaded on a public space and expand their knowledge.

Tick Tock

Time is merely a concept that individuals refer to as the past, present and future. Yet when it comes to reality, time runs out. We can’t control time, but we shouldn’t let time control us. We can control the way time runs out, we need to make the most of what time we/others have together and make the best memories of what the future still holds for us. Some individuals tend to live the present moments and not worry about what the future may hold, except the knowledge to learn from our past and to not make the same mistakes again.

I’m sure, at some point in our life we have experienced a moment in time where we wish we could pause, stoprewind and play it over and over again. It is a precious concept which allows every matter to change form.

It allows us to learn and mature, through new knowledge and experiences. This is  complemented by the encounters of others and the world around us, enriching our experience. Time is precious and we should cherish each year,monthday, hour minute and second. The gift of the present has allowed us to reminisce the past and look forward to the journey ahead in the future.

Six letter word, that can change your life.

It’s unexpected how a six letter word can change the lives of so many around you, family, friends and the whole country. How this six letter word is effected by millions of people each year. How this one word can cause so much grief, hurt, uncertainty and negative thoughts.  I’m sure that most of us are aware of someone who has been affected by cancer. Though cancer can’t cripple love, peace, faith, friendship and HOPE. HOPE, a four letter word who allows those being affected by cancer to fight their battle. It provides them with that spark in their eye with the belief that one day, the news of being cancer free shall exist, not just for them but to everyone around the world.

I have been privileged enough to be in support of the wonderful community event Relay For Life.  It provides hope, it shows the support of the community an understanding and a time to remember, the lives that have been lost to the battle of cancer. To celebrate those who have be successful enough to beat the fight and to Fight back cancer. The support is all there, the HOPE, the dream, the wish that one day we will find the ‘CURE TO CANCER’


Unfortunately cancer has already played a significant role within my life, this year.

This year, i relayed for a close family friend who passed away from leukaemia this year. After putting up a strong battle. David Hamilton a former mayor of our local area Shellharbour, was not only a role model who left a wonderful legacy but an individual who was personally close to my family. He was such a strong minded individual, who was always honest with you straight away. He knew how to have a good drink and laugh. The day before he passed away, was very hard. I went and saw him and knew it was time for him to go. He was so content with everything that it just seemed he knew his time was up.