The First Day

Starting a new chapter within my life means taking on a new experience into the unknown.
Day One: At first i was excited, nervous and scared. Even after attending many information nights with fellow students and parents i still felt unprepared. Of course i did! , it’s just like attending your first day of high school, after what seems to be a short transition time from primary school.It was the expectations i created for my first day verse the reality of it all. Most expectations were met, but some not so much. New faces, new buildings and new teachers “lecturers”, felt more overwhelming then what i thought. Though the comforting feeling of seeing familiar faces seemed less of a burden on my first day. To be honest, you know when you watch those chick flicks and the teenagers seem to have a unsatisfactory first day, it felt like that at the start. Though as time went on, i felt more comfortable within the environment i was in.