The poison of society

This is the strongest poison that does not sting for a minute nor can it be healed over a short period of time.. It is the sweet poison of a person.

We are all unique individuals that offer different qualities to society but sometimes we question who we are as an individual by those who poison our thoughts.

I am fourtunate to live in a country (Australia) known as a multicultural country.. I was brought up on values of equality and equity my whole childhood and along the way did face struggles. In recent events of a video going viral (link below)

It has really gotten me thinking about why people find it necessary to act this way.. Please someone enlighten me!!!! While this video has gone viral it is amazing to read all the comments on social media against the actions of this woman.. It has been brought to the attention of so many individuals and it also shows a sense of community and change within society.. While I do not need people to fight my battles it is good knowing that majority of society will be there to support me.

So You Think You Can Dance Top 14

There was only one dance routine today that i like was:

Dancers: Michael and Renelle
Choreography: Paul Malek
Genre: Contemporary

This was such an amazing routine, the story was about someone who care more about the next drink rather than his partner. So much heart poured into this routine. The emotion was just unbelievable and yes it brought tears to my eyes.

Top 16

I know, i am sorry that i am a week late. I have been so busy lately! 

My top routines were:

1. Dancers:Eden and Blond 
Choreography: Debbi Ellis
Song: Say Something 
Genre: Contemporary 

So far i believe these two amazing dancers are the power house couple that everyone needs to aim to beat. Every week they pull out an amazing routine. This was definitely out of Blonds genre but it was a perfect routine. The emotion that just comes from the routine is just amazing. The whole dance was utterly genius, with a standing ovation from the audience and the judges. 


Dancers: Patric and Lauren
Genre: Waltz
Song: I Won’t Give Up¬†

Such out of both Lauren and Patric’s comfort zone. It was such an amazing piece. A wonderful story about love and not giving up on love but in the end she gives up on the relationship.¬†A lot of lifts in the routine and the dance looks so effortless! ¬†




Dancers: Zoey and Sam 
Genre: Lyrical Jazz
Choreographer: Marko Panzic 
Song: Unconditionally by Katy Perry 

This routine is about unconditionally loving someone. Just a wonderful piece that just makes you smile. The amazing connect between Sam and Zoey just shows on camera (i reckon they could possibly date haha). They both have flawless technique to their movement, such a perfect duo!!! 


So You Think You Can Dance Top 18

Top performances of Sunday night

Dancers: Ashleigh and Jay
Genre: Lyrical
Music: ‘One’ by Damien Rice
Choreographer: Debbie Ellis

This piece just made me sit in a state of silence. I felt like i was visiting their world of sadness. The dance was about what it is like to nearly loose someone. All those emotions running through your head about the last time you saw them or the last thing you said to them. It was a touching piece with impeccable emotion conveyed through their dancing. This phenomenal dance routine just shows what Australia has to over the dancing world pure perfection.


Dancers:Maddie and Chris
Genre: Contemporary
Music: ‘My Love’ by Sia
Choreographer: Sarah Boulter
This amazing number was about ‘love’. Well i guess we all have our own view of what love really means. Is it the love for the materialistic things? or love for the people around us?. This piece was inspired by Sarah Boulter’s parents who this piece was about. It was about finding your soul mate and knowing that they will be together forever. The love between two individuals is a piece of magic and that is what this dance routine was, just magic!.


Eden and Blond channel the passion for the Tango/Paso Doble to Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me To Life’

Dancers: Eden and Blond
Genre: Tango/Paso Doble
Song: ‘Bring Me To Life’ by Evanescence

Such a strong piece danced by this wonderful and powerhouse duo. They both got it so perfect and it was not even their own genres. So much effort and dedication is just amazing. They have a wonderful partnership and it shows on stage. LOVE LOVE LOVE!